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Technics Premium Stereo Headphones EAH-T700

Technics Headphones, the audio enthusiasts brand of yesterday modernized for the relaunch of their world class audiophile products

Technics Premium Stereo Headphones EAH-T700

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Technics Sound Technology
Natural Sound-field with Angled-Driver System
2-way Drive (50-mm Dynamic Driver & 14-mm Super Tweeter)
100 kHz High-Resolution Sound with Super Tweeter
High Linearity 50-mm Dynamic Driver with Advanced MLF Diaphragm
Floating Dynamic Driver & Anti-vibration Driver’s Frame for Unnecessary Resonance and Vibration Elimination Anti-reverberation Structure with Speaker Plate and Ear Pads
Wrought Aluminium Material on Main Parts
Technics Definitive Design
Sophisticated Alumite Treatment
3D Ergonomic Ear Pads with Luxury Fabric "GRANCUIR™"
Speaker Unit
Ø50-mm Dynamic Driver / Ø14-mm Super Tweeter
(Advanced MLF Diaphragm) / (Aluminium Diaphragm)
Frequency Response
3 Hz - 100 kHz
102 dB / mW
28 Ω
Power Handling (IEC)
1500 mW (IEC)
1.2 m, 4N-OFC, 3.0 m, 4N-OFC
(1.2 m) Stereo Mini Plug, Glod Plated, L-shape - Straight-shape, Detachable
(3.0 m) Stereo Mini Plug, Glod Plated, Straight - shape - Straight-shape, Detachable
Approx. 470 g (without cord)
Approx. 515 g (with 1.2 m cord)

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Technics Premium Class

Headphones EAH-T700



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