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In stock 55" 55UH7700 Price $1,198 delivered Nationwide

In Stock 60" 60UH7700 Price $1,498 delivered Nationwide

In Stock 65" 65UH7700 Price $1,798 delivered Nationwide
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LG 4K Super UHD TV, 55", 60" & 65" UH7700

New 2016 True Black Panel minimizes reflections & enhances contrast

LG's 2016 Super UHD series showcases LG’s new "HDR Plus" technology to enhance HDR performance. 

LG's HDR Plus technology combines a priority peak-brightness-boosting Ultra Luminance control.  The Contrast Maximizer technology improves black-level performance, and Color Prime technology to expand color gamut.

LG's 55", 60" and 65" UH7700 is capable to SDR-to-HDR conversion to deliver near-HDR quality from standard dynamic range sources.

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LG Super UHD 4K UH7700 Series
  • HDR10 and Dolby Vision
  • webOS 3.0 Smart TV
  • DCI, P3 color


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65UH7700 in stock
Price $1,798

60UH7700 in stock
Price $1,498

55UH7700 in stock
Price $1,198

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