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Sony 2020 XBR-85Z8H & XBR-75Z8H 8K HDR TV w/HDMI 2.1 & ATSC 3.0

Sony's 2020 8K HDR TV with X1 Ultimate video processor for unparalleled realism

Step into the world of Sony 8K, exclusively powered by the acclaimed X1 Ultimate processor.

Enjoy immersive big screen entrainment with four times the resolution of 4K and high brightness and deep rich blacks and full color volume.

Pictures are rich in depth, texture and detail, filling your field of view with unparalleled realism.

Sony's Extended Dynamic Range

Due to its low transmission rate, generating brightness on an 8K panel is difficult.  
By precisely balancing the light output across the screen, dimming LED independently and boosting others, X-tended Dynamic Range PRO reveals a bright range of several times that of a conventional LED Backlit TV.

8K X-Reality PRO

Simply upscaling from 2K or 4K signal will not achieve the exceptional high quality standards of 8K, creating the need for a dedicated 8K upscaling technology.

Sony's 8K X-Reality PRO meets the need with an exclusive 8K database.

Patterns in scenes are analyzed and enhanced using the database to find the most accurate texture and character for the incredibly detailed, close to native 8K pictures.

Sound Straight From the Center

Just use the TV center channel mode.

Connect your amplifier center channel speaker output to the speaker binding post terminals on the TV to transform it into a high quality center speaker.

Acoustic Surface+, you'll hear every word from movies, concerts and broadcast content directly from the screen.

Frame-Tweeter: Sony’s Sound-From-Picture Reality portfolio, the entire frame of the Z8H is used as a tweeter,
   feels like that the sound is coming directly from the screen image

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Sony XBR-75Z8H
Price $6999 $4,999

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Sony XBR-85Z8H
Price $9999 $8,999

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Picture Quality

  • Processor X1 Ultimate
  • Full-array LED
  • X-Motion Clarity
  • X-Wide Angle
  • DV/HDR10/HLG


  • Acoustic Multi-Audio
  • Acoustic Auto Calibration
  • Center Speaker mode
  • Dolby Atmos


  • Android Pie
  • Google assistant ready
  • New back-lit premium remote w/built-in mic
    • Two way stand