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Denon Limited 110th Anniversary Series
PMA-A110 2-ch Amp - DCD-A110 SACD Player AVR-X8500HA - AVR-A110 13.2 Ch. DL-A110 MC Cartridge
Value Electronics is a factory direct authorized Denon dealer
DCD-A110 CD/SACD Player/Network Streamer $2,999

110 years Anniversary Edition Beautifully Design Inside Out

  • Made in Shirakawa Japan Audio Factory

  • Advanced Anniversary Edition Tuning done by sound master

  • Next Gen-Ultra High Current MOS circuitry

  • Ultra AL32 Processing technology with DAC Master Clock Design

  • MM/MC Phono Equalizer

  • Digital Isolator and Pure Analog Mode

  • 5-year Warranty

  • Limited production/availability

  • 110 years anniversary logo on the products

  • Limited Edition Silver Graphite color 

  • Hand-signed “Certificate of Authenticity” in the box.

  • Special anniversary design (New Silver Graphite ID, black interior, new packing graphics)

  • 5 year warranty on all Denon 110th Anniversary Series equipment

  • Special anniversary sound tuning by DENON AVR sound master (Yuuki Takahashi

  • Accompanied with 3 more anniversary products (PMA-A110/DCD-A110/DL-A110)

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AVR-A110 13.2 ch  Receiver

Price $5,499
In stock & shipping now
PMA-A110 2 ch. Integrated Amp

Price $3,499
In stock & shipping now
    DCD-A110 CD/SACD Player

    Price $2,999
    In stock & shipping now

    DL-A110 Moving Coil Cartridge

    Price $599
    In stock & shipping now

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