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Home Theater Shack 2011 Shoot-out results

October 8th  and 9th we had a blast preparing for and hosting the world's only flat panel HDTV shoot-out

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Information about our October 2011 Flat panel HDTV shoot-out event

On October 8, 2011 at 6 PM and again on October 9, 2011 at 1 PM we hosted our 7th annual HDTV shoot-out. This year’s flagship competitive offering of flat panel displays from every major manufacturer will be on display and we will award one manufacturer the honor of “King of HDTV” based on comparison and evaluation from TV experts and audience members.  Here is a pdf file on the results of the attendees two days of voting for the "King of HDTV".    Here's the .pdf of the Onscreen ANSI Contrast Ratios and MLL measurements.   And finally here's the ballots of the three professional calibrators, Kevin Miller, DeWayner (D-Nice) Davis and Ed Johnson.   Upon request we can email the ballots of our staff of a/v senior technicians, and our staff, including myself.

Kevin Miller is our master calibrator and keynote speaker. Kevin is an ISF charter member/instructor, professional reviewer, and industry consultant. Professional calibrators D-Nice and Ed Johnson assisted Kevin with the calibrations and were on hand to make presentation and answer questions. Other surprise speakers that are industry leaders and display development engineers also participated. The event benefited by the live audience carefully selected from the motion picture and TV Broadcast industries as well as serious a/v enthusiasts and the press. The recordings of both days of the event is now available on our YouTube page.

Our home page has the pre and post calibration reports posted for each TV in shoot-out along with .pdf data sheets.

Our shoot-out is the only industry wide evaluation that includes every major premium manufacturer's HDTV.

Feel free to contact me with any questions or comments.

Best regards,



Bill Schindler presenting LED local dimming vs. plasma

       Instead of turning on the room lights we generated full screen peak white  jk

Robert Zohn reviewing the agenda and telling stories

Channel 12 News reporter Carol and camera man interviewing me in my store theater/office

The flat black wall and ceiling looked great and helped us evaluate each TV

Robert Zohn, Kevin Miller and DeWayne Davis

Day 2, DeWayne "D-Nice" Davis conversing loosely w/Bill Schindler

Robert Zohn opening remarks 2nd day, 1 PM Sunday 10/9/11



This time it's Bill speaking with DeWayne

Upper left, Joe So our cinema photographer and upload master, Bill Schindler, VIP Guest speaker, Tom Evans VP Elite, DeWayne Davis, Kevin Miller, Robert Zohn and one of our trays of very fine sushi!


Here's a glimpse of our 2010 shoot-out

      Click on the left screen to see a great photo essay of the shootout

      Click below to see one 15 minute segment of the 4.5 hour event

 Go to to see the entire event

 Photo below is Jason Baczor, Panasonic's regional trainer presetting The VT25

 The manufacturers'  reps went up before Kevin Miller's key note and announcement

Kevin  Miller,  Ed  Johnson,  Robert  Zohn,  D-Nice,  Joe  So

At our 2010 shoot-out event we exposed for the first time the following developments:

Joe Kane lent us his personally developed new test disc that has some test patterns that expose flaws never before seen. Joe's new test patterns gave us the ability to diagnose errors in the color decoding and bit rate limitations of the 8 bit panels as well as incorrect processing to the 8 bit panel.  Not only do these anomalies limit the professional calibrator, they also limit the out of box image quality.

Bill Schindler demonstrated how plasma technology enjoys the benefit over LCD in 3D of being able to see an additional dimension the consumer can view from any side and enjoy a richer 3D experience, even while laying down.

One of Joel Silver's and Kevin Miller's call to action was for higher bit rate panels.  Currently all panels are no more than 8 bit and some don't process the full or proper 8 bit signal. Joel was Skyped in on Panasonic 58" VT25 while Kevin and Joel reviewed the .pdf presentation displayed on the other shoot-out panels.  Joel showed and explained that Sharp owns 75% and Sony holds the remaining 25% stake in their LCD plant and then discussed Panasonic's new glass manufacturing facilities. Literally almost  1/2 trillion dollars of financial investments in the future of flat panels and great advancements in R&D and the manufacturing processes.

DeWayne, aka D-Nice, Kevin Miller and Ed Johnson reviewed and taught us what they look for in various test patterns.

Robert Zohn called for a standards to be established, likely by CEA or another standards organization to establish a method of measuring contrast ratio and have all manufacturer's publish only the approved contrast ratio standard. This way consumers can relay on this statistic when shopping. After all, this is the single most important attribute to deliver the best picture quality.
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