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We also offer Panasonic's Professional grade studio reference quality TH-65VX300U monitor designed for high-end Home Theater applications.  The 65VX300 produces clear and extremely detailed 2D and 3D picture quality with the latest 30 bit image processing and the new advanced Bi-level drive technology that doubles the number of gradation steps for a smoother and more detailed image.  This new advanced technology plasma display delivers broadcast reference quality image quality for the most discerning home theater enthusiasts.

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Panasonic's plasma TV line up

X3 S30 ST30 GT30 VT30

Panasonic LCD/LED/IPS DT30

Panasonic BDT110 BD player

Samsung 51", 59" & 64" D8000

Panasonic 3rd gen 3D glasses $99.00

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Panasonic VIERA Connect TC-P55VT30 and TC-P65VT30

VE calibration report .pdf     VT30 data sheet .pdf   55" and 65" VT30 manual .pdf

In addition to providing 3D viewing, the VT30 series features:
  VIERA Connect Internet includes Skype, MLB, Netflix, YouTube, Pandora, FOX & more
  Wi-Fi ready including LAN (through USB port)
  3D VIERA Image Viewer JPEG 2D & 3D images & 2D & 3D HD video on SD memory card
  VIERA Link; a PC input; three USB ports and 4 HDMI inputs
  THX and Energy Star 4 certification
  24p playback (1080 lines of motion resolution)
RS232C/ISF connection and an Infinite Black Pro 2 panel. The new and improved Infinite
Black Pro 2 Panel raises the luminous efficiency while minimizing pre-discharge,
resulting in even more subtle, detailed blacks, in dark and bright environments beyond
what last year’s Infinite Black Pro Panel provided.   More spec's

 Push your VT30 to its limits; ISF calibrated in 4 modes: day/night, and 3D by the best specialists

4 modes perfectly calibrated, ISF day/night, and 3D

Add the ultimate option, tell us to run your VT30 for 150 hrs w/
Evangelo2's break-in disc of,
panels then expertly ISF day/night and 3D calibrated by the best VT specialists

Open the box & you are good to go.. w/the best possible picture quality for high & low ambient light viewing
Don't worry a bit... no threat of a damaged burnt-in screen & then perfectly ISF calibrated

Select your professional world class calibrator; we'll take care of the 150hr Evangelo's break-in all for $350

Kevin MIller ISF instructor,
industry consultant
D-Nice Rock star & respected
man in the know
Ed Johnson Pro calibrator & expert panelists at our shoot-out

Panasonic's flagship VT30 series VIERA Connect Full HD 3D

Full 1080p resolution to both the right and left eye

Delivering the definitive 3D entertainment experience


Panasonic VT30, monolithic single sheet of glass
bleeds to the edge w/thin silver trim & low profile

Dimensions and weights:

65VT30 w/stand 39.2" H x 61.9" W x 15.8" D  138.9 lbs

No stand 65VT30  37.7" H x 61.9" W 1.6" D  123.5 lbs
Bump out for speakers at the bottom/rear panel 2.4"

55VT30 w/stand 33.4" H x 52.4" W x 15.3" D 98.2 lbs

No stand 55VT30  31.9" H x 52.4" W 1.5" D 84.9 lbs
Bump out for speakers at the bottom/rear panel 2.2"

 Newly designed better fitting USB rechargeable 3D eyewear included    
    Wi-Fi LAN adaptor included

TC-P55VT30 $2,199 TC-P65VT30 $3,299  VT30s come packed w/one pair of 3D glasses and the Wi-Fi adaptor included

 Order a VT30 and you can take advantage of the following 3 additional offers

Key Digital Blk. Bull HDMI 1.4 $20 value $80  Mack 3 yr ext'd warranty 55" $259 65" $299 value $495

Here's an option for those who live within 100 miles of our Scarsdale NY store.  For $125 we'll delivered to you home in our
van with two senior a/v staff techs who will do an in-home set-up on your new VT30.  Truck delivery is always free.

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Additional spec's for Panasonic's VT30 series:
bulletOne Sheet of Glass Design
bulletInfinite Black Pro 2
bullet3D 24p Cinema Smoother
bullet600Hz Sub-field Drive
bulletMoving Picture Resolution 1080 Lines
bulletTHX® Certified Display
bulletProfessional Calibration with ISFccc
bulletVIERA Connect with Wi-Fi (Wireless LAN Adaptor Included)
bullet3D Image Viewer™ (Photo and Video)
bulletVIERA Link™
bulletUSB Terminals
bulletGame Mode
bulletPC Input
bulletEnergy Star 4
bulletFULL HD 3D with 3D Eyewear Included
bulletMercury and Lead Free Panel
bulletLong Panel Life, Up to 100,000 Hours